The combination of demographic change, efficiency and productivity pressure calls for increasing labour market flexibility - on both sides. I am offering already today a fair alternative to conventional temporary work -  profitable for both sides.

To live and work successfully means to aspire continously
for the simple,
the clear,
the true
the direct way.

That's my philosophy. In the context with the economic fluctuations my services have been arisen: Hanseatic business honor "in time" which I offer you by the hour, day or project oriented. You get flexibility AND reliability, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and have predictable costs.

Experience + hands-on mentality + inventiveness = three focal points:

1. Commercial services: more than classic office service

2. Texts: from creative to technical documentation

3. Consultancy and conception

My goal: To play an active role to shape the labour market of the future. This requires new, flexible forms of employment, so that the total economic challenge can be managed. Let's tackle this challenge together...

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